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Our Capabilities

Greater Wisconsin Sheet Metal Facility

In our 51,000-square-foot facility, our skilled craftsmen use a variety of methods, tools, and machinery to produce the sheet metal solutions you need. GWSM fabricates customized parts to support industrial applications, using materials such as:

  • Aluminum & Aluminized Metals

  • Stainless

  • Galvanized

  • Paint-Grip

  • Black Iron

  • Polyvinyl-coated Duct (PCD)

  • Perforated Metals

High-Definition Plasma Cutting

High-definition plasma cutting offers a near-laser quality edge finish, at a fraction of the cost of laser or other cutting methods. 


High-definition plasma cutting has several advantages over conventional plasma cutting:

  • Cleaner, More Precise Cuts

  • Increased Cutting Speeds

  • Ability to Cut Through a Wide Variety of Materials and Thicknesses


Our custom-built Hypertherm 150 amp, 20x5 ft table cuts up to 1” thick at a speed much faster than traditional plasma cutting systems.  

operating using a plasma cutting machine
HD Def Plasma Cutting


Rapid processing speeds and lower operating costs can make punching an alternative solution to laser cutting, depending on part complexity and batch size. GWSM has a long list of generic and custom tooling, allowing our punching machine to generate a variety of formed features.

Our punching machines are capable of punching materials in thicknesses from ½”  stainless steel to .188 aluminum. We can punch additional materials such as cold rolled steel, copper and plastics. 


Press Brake Forming

During the sheet metal fabrication process, press brake forming is often necessary to complete the project. Our highly knowledgeable Press Brake Operators produce innovative, economical, and high-quality parts for any customer need.

GWSM’s Advantage 250-Ton Press Brake ensures that you receive the consistency you need in your manufactured parts. We provide very accurately formed parts, with capacities ranging from small parts to 12 feet long at a maximum of ¼” thick. We can also bend thicker materials at shorter lengths.

operator using a press brake forming machine
Prss Brake Forming
Greater Wisconsin Sheet Metal's coil processing line

Coil Line

GWSM has a full coil line that is able to run 10,000-pound coils ranging from 26 gauge to 18 gauge metal, giving us the ability to run 5-foot straight ductwork quickly.

Our goal is to assure the best service, quality control, and design standards with the shortest lead times. In fact, our coil line can shear, notch, bead, run locks, connectors, and brake 90-degree bends to produce a complete section of duct every 36 seconds. 

Coil Line

5 AXIS Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is the method of cutting by projecting a stream of water at a rate of up to 90,000 pounds per square inch. The concentrated jet of water is a preferred method of fabrication when using materials that are sensitive to temperature changes during production. 

Our Flow Mach 500 Waterjet is one of the leading waterjet cutting machines on the market, adding a fast, cost-effective capability to our manufacturing services. Advantages to precision waterjet cutting include:

  • Production of complex three-dimensional shapes

  • Custom-finished products

  • The ability to make intricate cuts on any material

Flow Mach 500 Waterjet cutting machine
5 Axis Waterjet
welder welding a large sheet metal object


GWSM offers our customers options in manual welding processes, including both MIG and TIG processes. Our broad experience and capabilities can help you obtain the quality welding services you need while reducing lead times and production expenses.

Many companies feel they have the capacity to do their own welding. This is usually not a cost-effective approach. When you enlist GWSM for your professional welding services, you are putting your welding responsibilities in the hands of AWS-certified welders with decades of experience. We have the best tools, the best materials, the most skilled personnel, and the perfect facility to quickly and efficiently perform almost any business’ welding needs.


Auto Insulation Machine

Our PLSU2 Automatic Insulation Center is the latest in Automatic Liner Sizer cutters, with the capability to line ductwork from ½”, up to 2” liner. Its new cutting action allows us to accommodate virtually all insulation types on the market, including closed-cell products, cotton fiber, and Neoprene.

Auto Insulation Machine


GWSM employs the latest technology to reduce lead times and increase accuracy and efficiency. Proficient with the use of Autodesk Design and Manufacturing software, our in-house engineers and designers can help you modify your designs for cost savings and product quality.

Once a drawing has been prepared, we use bending software to confirm a part’s design. This software provides a bending program for our operators, cutting down on setup time and further improving efficiency.

Also, by integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can better streamline our process, and reduce errors, saving you time and money. These savings come from the ability to prefabricate directly from the BIM model.



GWSM produces up to 5,500 pipe spools per month. All materials and fabrication status of every spool are closely tracked throughout the entire production process. This speeds up production while ensuring the accuracy of each spool.

Working directly with your project managers and foremen, GWSM’s experienced staff continuously ensures the quality and on-time delivery of each spool that leaves our facility.

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